5 “Piece of Cake” Boston Investment Tips

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The last few years have been pretty interesting in terms of property investments, since many investors have been facing challenges like no other in certain areas around the world. The downturn after that once again proved that even the best of investors can’t always predict the exact timing for markets, which means you will need to learn from your past mistakes, get current advice and make sure your finances are ready to take on the job of a new investment. The following tips will give you some pointers you can use ahead:

1. Choosing properties with attraction for tenants

This is a fairly simple one: choose a good, clean and tidy home or office with nicely sized rooms, some off-street parking and excellent positioning away from any main roads and noise whenever possible. This will ensure you have the property as attractive to your potential renters as you can and it will guarantee a steady income more than other, less lucrative choices.

2. Buying cheaper properties

There is usually a good reason cheap properties remain cheap, as they will likely not be in great demand for a number of reasons. You would do well to consider buying properties in areas people would actually want to live in rather than trying to look for the cheaper ones instead.  Chances are you will have a far easier time with the properties that are worth more in the long run, but you may need to do some cleaning done if you want to have them looking great. House cleaning will need to cover carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for any remaining furniture if you think it is worth to keep it as part of the deal, as well as in cases where an end of tenancy cleaning was not completed prior to the owners moving out.

3. Creating instant equity

You can do so without too much work involved if you know what you’re doing ahead of time. A quick and careful paint job, combined with a re-carpeting of all rooms, the installation of new blinds, cupboard doors and a number of smaller touches you can deal with will help improve things immensely. In the long run this will make the property far more marketable and wanted by all your potential tenants in the times ahead.

4. Creating a buffer by refinancing

When you have a property that grows in value, you will need to create an emergency buffer zone by refinancing it. This will greatly help you when you need to make mortgage repayments even in the unlikely, but possible event of losing your job or going bankrupt for one reason or another. Never underestimate these types of situations, as they have been the downfall of many investors over the years.

5. Re-signing the tenants

You will need to have a professional property manager making sure you have reliable tenants you can count on and that they will pay a market rent that will cover your expenses and more. You will need to consider a 12-month contractual agreement between you and your tenants, as this will help guarantee a steady rental income in the times ahead. This is a necessary step toward making sure you have all bases covered in your investment and that you will not suffer as many problems as you would if you failed to take all things into account. Being prepared is being ready.

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Hannah Logan is a content writer from Cambridge, United Kingdom. She can give you ideas not only about buying, selling and renting but also about end of tenancy cleaning.

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